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Hydraulic Platform Trailers

Sterett stands out as the premier choice for heavy machinery transporter rentals. Our comprehensive offerings include a variety of hydraulic and electronic steer platform trailers, catering to diverse needs. With a substantial inventory comprising e-steer, mechanical steer, self-propelled, and multi-axle rear steer trailers, we ensure flexibility and efficiency in your transportation tasks.

Equipped with prime movers boasting up to 675 horsepower in three- and four-axle configurations, Sterett guarantees powerful performance for both on- and off-road transportation demands. Our commitment to excellence extends to the meticulous maintenance of all equipment, assuring the safe and smooth transport of your cargo.

Backed by extensive expertise in heavy machinery moving operations and rentals, Sterett delivers professional and prompt service tailored to your requirements. Additionally, we offer skilled operators to assist with your hauling needs or provide comprehensive training and consulting services for your moving projects.

Choose Sterett for unmatched reliability, expertise, and support in fulfilling your heavy machinery transportation needs. Click here to see our complete fleet of specialized transport trailers.

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Through our state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled team, we have created an impeccable reputation for professionalism, quality service and safety.

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