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Jobsite Surveys

Unexpected problems in any project create added expense and frustrating delays, which tend to have a ripple effect and impair operations on the whole. That is why the jobsite survey is a critical component in the package Sterett offers clients. It essential for accuracy, efficiency, and project success to carefully consider the jobsite and assess any risk factors or concerns. This allows us to address them at the start of the project to avoid any issues or delays.

Our experienced team members have done a wide and varied collection of jobsite surveys, and in so doing developed a keen eye for detail. Through our collective knowledge base, we have developed a list of jobsite survey points, which will allow us to thoroughly assess your jobsite. Our survey will provide us with the proper scope to construct a detailed plan for completing your job cost-effectively and successfully. Sterett does not charge for jobsite surveys, considering them to be an essential step in doing the job right.

Trust your crane service needs to Sterett. We will provide you with the best equipment, planning, and management to get your job done on time, within budget, and to your precise specifications.

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Jobsite Survey

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