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A little after 5:00pm on December 15, a Boeing 737 skidded off the runway and into a ditch while taxiing to a gate at the Nashville International Airport. The Southwest flight was carrying 133 passenger and five crew members and luckily emergency teams responded immediately to help the passengers off of the plane to safety.

After everyone had caught their breathe and got their bearings straight, Southwest Airlines called us at Sterett Crane to pull the Boeing out of the ditch. The enormous plane was well off the runway, but in an opportune position for our crane to pull it out without any complications. Southwest and its flight crew were more than kind and we were happy to help them in their time of need. We have been heavy lift specialists for over 65 years and are proud to be able to serve Nashville, Tennessee with our cranes and experienced crew. If you ever have a heavy lifting emergency, don’t hesitate to call us at (800) 327-9323.

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