Boost Efficiency in Crane Rental Projects with Sterett Crane & Rigging’s Expert Strategies

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The successful execution of construction projects relies heavily on the efficient coordination and utilization of crane rentals, ensuring that work proceeds smoothly and within budget. Streamlining crane operations is vital for optimal resource management, minimizing potential time delays, and maintaining a high standard of safety. Consequently, it’s crucial to understand best practices for improving efficiency… Read more »

Efficiency Boost: Advantages of Knuckle Boom Trucks

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Knuckle Boom Truck

When it comes to heavy lifting and material handling, knuckle boom trucks are the go-to solution for many industries. These versatile machines offer numerous advantages over traditional cranes, making them a popular choice for construction, shipping, and other heavy-duty applications.  This article explores the advantages of knuckle boom trucks and how they can help boost… Read more »

Crane Truck Hire: The Key to Successful Projects

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Heavy duty mobile lifting crane at construction site

As a construction company, one primary concern is ensuring your projects are completed on time and within budget. One of the key factors in achieving this goal is having the right equipment available when you need it. A crane and transportation specialist can be your secret heavy-lifting and transportation weapon. Here are five reasons crane… Read more »

Rough Terrain Cranes: Features, Applications, and Advantages

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Rough terrain cranes are heavy-duty cranes that work in rough and uneven terrains. They are often used in construction sites, industrial plants, and other environments where the ground is not level.  Moreover, rough terrain cranes are highly versatile and can perform various lifting tasks, such as moving heavy equipment, lifting construction materials, and erecting steel… Read more »

Ensuring Safe Crane Operations – Key Tips to Remember

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crane operation

Safety is paramount when it comes to operating cranes. Crane operators are responsible for the safe and efficient movement of heavy loads, and any mishap can result in severe injury or even death. Therefore, it is essential to follow the best practices and safety guidelines to ensure the cranes’ safe operation. In this article, we… Read more »

5 Benefits of Hiring Professional Crane Truck Services

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A crane truck hire service is a specialized service that provides heavy-duty equipment for transporting heavy objects. These companies offer a wide range of crane trucks and other lifting equipment, including mobile cranes, tower cranes, and crawler cranes, that can handle all weight and size requirements. Crane truck hire services are essential to many industries,… Read more »

On The Fast-Track

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Wow! This job is a textbook case on how to Fast-Track a 500 Ton crane with 8 loads (counterweight, winch, mats, and rigging) and a 7 spreader bar rigging configuration consisting of 45 pieces that included a 58’ spreader beam. We got the GO call Tuesday afternoon and by 11:30 Wednesday morning the Sterett Team… Read more »