Lifting Windmills in Ford County, Illinois

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We were honored to help out with the Kelly Creek Wind Project this summer in Ford County, Illinois. The task was to lift and assemble 218,000 lbs. of windmill parts, we opted to use our 2800 Demag crane with the 295 foot main boom, plus a 39 foot jib setting the Nacelle. If you have… Read more »

Crane Lifting 90,000 lbs in Calvert City, Kentucky

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Last week our own Joey Fisher was operating LTM 1400 and Matt Hill was in the LTM 1120 taleing vessel up at West Lake Chemicals plant in Calvert City, KY setting a 90,000 lb chemical vessel. We have been working around the clock to finish this project and we are proud of the end result.

Delivery of Liebherr LR 1250

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Sterett Crane takes delivery of new Liebherr LR1250. Sterett Heavy Hauling transports from the Port of Jacksonville. We are excited to be partnering with Sterett Heavy Hauling to provide a broader reach in the eastern U.S.

Unloading Girders in Kentucky

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Last week we spent a day unloading girders for a bridge in Kentucky using the LTM 1500. These projects are always fun, especially when we can help out a fellow construction company.

Recently Added Liebherr LTM 1400

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Our recently added Liebherr LTM 1400 is looking great after being lettered up with the Sterett Crane logo and information. Its addition makes it a hat trick for our best in the industry 500 ton class machines. All of these machines can be configured with max luffer and heavy lift. We are proud of our… Read more »

Highway 68 Lake Barkley Bridge Project

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We have continued to assemble the first section of replacement bridge for hwy 68, Lake Barkley crossing. When the bridge is fully assembled it will be 600 foot long and weigh over 5 million lbs. In the picture below we are setting parts of the bridge on 4 barges, then floating them into place. This… Read more »

Sterett Crane Lifts a Rescue Boat

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Crane lifts a rescue boat in Prospect, Kentucky. The boat was massive at approximately 28,000 pounds and 12 feet wide. This specific rescue boat was being dropped and reloaded onto a low bed for transport to Louisiana. The crane we used for the job was a Terex AC100.  

LR-1250 in Brownsville, Tennessee

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Last week we had the pleasure of heading out to Brownsville, Tennessee to work with Hall Contracting. The project at hand was lifting a picker from one side of the railroad tracks to the other so Hall Contracting could continue working on their assigned project. We used our LR-1250 do handle the lifting and the… Read more »