Lake Barkley Bridge

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Last week we were happy to head out to the Lake Barkley Bridge in Benton, KY for a bridge replacement. We had to back all the loads out onto a pier that runs a couple hundred yards out in the water, then set each piece over onto a barge and assemble on the barge. It… Read more »

Flipping 38,000 lb Cabooses

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We recently completed a project that consisted of lifting, rotating, and loading supplies onto three 38,000 lb cabooses in one day. This was our first time using our new runner (boom extension) and it worked perfectly. We ended up getting special rigging equipment from Midwest Rigging Supply and even though it was a long day,… Read more »

Tilt Wall Panel Job in Annapolis, Maryland

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This past week we completed an extensive job in Annapolis Junction, Maryland. The job consisted of lifting and erecting 70 ft panels on a 4 story office building. We used the Manitowoc 2250 Crawler Crane that handled the job perfectly. If you have any questions about this specific job or would like to talk to… Read more »